Steve Riley Designs Celebrating 21 Years of Making Jewelry

Steve Riley Designs

A British native, Steve earned his BA with Honors from the University of Central England with a major in Art & Design.

He considers himself to be an artist rather than a traditional jeweler, although he has worked since 1996 in the jewelry making industry for both international selling jewelers and as an independent designer. 

Since 2003, Riley has been creating hand made art & jewelry in New York City. Each piece is meticulously hand crafted from recycled metals. All Steve Riley rings are suitable for civil partnerships, engagement, weddings, eternity, anniversaries, birthdays etc. Stones can be added to most designs. Custom work is welcome accommodated via the web or by private appointment at his workshop in Brooklyn, NY.

I pride myself on making everything in house and never sourcing my work out out to foreign countries. I support human rights, conflict-free trade and environmentally conscious production. My designs range in style from hand made squiggle chains to animal print rings.

I like to work in what I call a “modern primitive” style, obsessing over each mark, the controlled and random details are critical. Strong, bold, and organic, each piece is created as a play between materials and how that translates in terms of what is traditionally considered "masculine" or "feminine", “art” or “jewelry”.